City Boats

City boats will be in use !

 Sääminki seura ry - city boats

Sääminki-seura ry brings three city boats Sääminki 1, 2 and 3 to Savonlinna. The boats are freely available to everyone. Payment for boat rental is optional.

You can book a boat using the booking calendar below. You can browse the calendar without logging in, but to make a reservation, you will need to log in to the calendar and verify your email address.

Boats can be booked every day from 10 am to 7 pm. One booking is 3 hours.

The reservation must state the name of the booker, birthday (only over 16 year olds) and contact information.

More detailed policies and terms of rental below. Read them carefully before using city boats.

Sääminki-seura offers three city boats for shared use. The boats are fiberglass SUVI 460 rowing boats equipped with oars.

Where are the boats and where do you get the key?

The boats can be found at the end of Pikku Kakkonen beach, close to Riihisaari.

The boats are locked. The key to Sääminki 1 boat can be picked up at Activity Maker, old railwaystation, Asematie.

The keys to Sääminki 2 and 3 boats can be picked up at Hotel Hospitz, Linnankatu 20.

Booking times are from 10:00 to 19:00 every day. The key pick-up location identifies the borrower and asks for a signature - the borrower is responsible for the boat's borrowing time.

The key also fits in the closet in the immediate vicinity of the boat, where you will find life jackets and a boat pin.

The borrower must be 16 years of age or older. There can be three people in the boat at a time. (load capacity of the boat as stated by the manufacturer).

For how long can a boat be borrowed?

City boats can be used for three consecutive hours, starting when the boat’s key is received and ending when returning it to the key pick-up point.

When returning the key, care should be taken to ensure that it is written off from the borrower's responsibility.

Can the boat be booked in advance?

The city boat can only be booked in advance from the online booking calendar at:

Before you can make a reservation, you must first log in to the calendar by entering your email address and other information. They will be filled on the form when booking.

A booking confirmation and reminder will be emailed two hours before the start of the booking.

Before making a reservation, the booker must read the boat's safety and operating instructions, which they acknowledge by checking the box at the top left of this guide.

The reservation can be made for one period per day. If there are several bookings for the same day, the first booked time is valid. The key must be redeemed within 15 minutes of the start of the booking, after which the boat can be booked with a new booker.

Responsibility of the person who booked the boat

The person who made the reservation for the city boat is the captain of the boat.

In the new Water Transport Law, which entered into force on 1.6.2020, the responsibility of the captain of the watercraft is strongly emphasized. The captain is responsible for, among other things, the operation, safety, equipment and use of the watercraft. The captain is also responsible for ensuring that the use of the watercraft does not cause danger, inconvenience or disturbance to anyone, including the environment.

Do not stand or change places while the boat is on the water.

Pay attention to the ships! Read the separate instructions for city boats to Kyrönsalmi on the website!

Boat users act at their own risk when borrowing a city boat!

Where can I row a city boat?

You can row the boat in the center of Savonlinna and the nearby archipelago. When landing, avoid towing the boat on a rock or cliff to avoid damaging the bottom of the boat.

How to return a city boat?

The boat is landed / towed to the shore in its own place, the plug is removed and the plug and the life jackets are placed in the locker reserved for them.

Carefully lock the locker, boat, oars and bailer and return the key to its pick-up location. Check the boat in as returned. This is how the responsibility for the boat ends.

The boat will be returned neatly - so it's nice for the next user to go rowing.

Should I wear a life jacket while rowing a city boat?

When rowing in a city boat, the responsibility for safety lies with the boaters themselves.

There are life jackets in the locker near the boat, but we recommend that small children and “heavyweight” use their own life jackets.

Life jackets alone do not guarantee safety and children in particular must be under adult supervision at all times. Boat rowers are advised to wear gloves during coronavirus and to prevent blisters.

What does it cost to use a city boat?

The use of a city boat is based on a voluntary fee. Use only requires contact details at the time of booking. The issuer of the key has the right to assess the rowing condition of the boat borrower. For intoxicated people the boat keys will not be handed over. The borrower of the boat is responsible for the boat upon check-in for the keys.

What to do if the boat is broken?

Who do we contact in case of problems? In case of problems, please contact the chairman of Sääminki-seura on +35844 9731319. In case of emergency: general emergency number 112.

What happens if the boat is used continuously for more than the maximum time?

For a loan period of more than three hours, we will charge a late fee of 30 euros / each starting hour.

What if the boat is not returned at all?

If the boat does not return within a day, we will consider it lost and will charge a compensation of EUR 1 500 for the boat.

What if the boat gets stolen?

The borrower immediately reports the theft to the chairman of Sääminki-seura on +35844 9731319 and he makes a criminal report. In this case, no compensation is required from the borrower for the boat. Properly caring for a city boat will prevent theft and other vandalism.

What to do if you have an accident with a city boat?

Accidents are acted upon as in any traffic accident. The emergency number 112 should be kept in mind. The chairman of Sääminki-seura and the key pick-up point should be notified about what happened.